Mark Jennison Sales Trainer
Trep Show 005 – Mark Jennison

Mark Jennison is a remarkable Trep! He has been a millionaire twice and lost it all twice, hear his inspirational Trep story.

He is a sales professional and sales trainer who believes that entrepreneurs continue to create better circumstances for themselves and other people; he loves family and building businesses that will remain a legacy for others to benefit from.
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Wendy Fore at Top Earner Academy Live event
Trep Show 004 – Wendy Fore

Wendy Fore is an accomplished business owner. She formed Cash Life Mastery to help entrepreneurs build their business online! Wendy continues her journey into entrepreneurship, helping self-employed Treps become a business owner. Wendy has an inspirational Trep story.

Wendy’s company:

Avelo Roy at Illinois Institute of Technology
Trep Show 003 – Avelo Roy

Avelo Roy – Short Biography

Avelo Roy is an accomplished entrepreneur. He founded eMotion and raised $500,000 for product development while studying at Illinois Institute of Technology. Avelo continues his journey with Kiuqi, a website and application developer studio. Avelo has an impressive entrepreneurial story.

 Avelo’s personal blog:
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Greg Walker
Trep Show 002 – Greg Walker

Greg Walker is an exceptional entrepreneur. He’s endured tragedies, dodged poor advice, raised the bar of achievement, friended influential people, and reached success at a level most look up to! He is an accomplished business owner of 256 franchises. Greg has an inspiring entrepreneurial story.

Greg’s Website