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Mark Jennison Sales Trainer

Trep Show 006 - Michael Sholar

Date: Thursday, 6th June 2016 at 1pm Pacifi Time

Michael Sholar is an inspiring Trep! He has created the first of its kind, sleep therapy treatments at Shui Zhao Resorts. Hear his inspirational Trep story.


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Ideas Smart

An entrepreneur with great ideas starts and moves things forward. They see the future more than anyone else. They succeed with their "heads in the clouds" and short attention spans.

People Smart

Conversation and communication: Blazes are all about relationships, putting people first, and talking to those people and hearing their stories. They learn through talking and telling/hearing stories.

Senses Smart

Staying grounded, dealing with lots of activity, being very hands-on, and requiring testimonials and referrals: Don't expect a creative plan from a senses smart person. Do expect them to do what needs to be done on time.

Details Smart

Calculation: Detail smart people love handbooks, manuals, and reading through small print to understand and clarify all the information. They will take their time and get things right. They won't be rushed and will carefully create systems to build their flow.

Victim to Survivor

Design Your Spaces to Suit Your Geniuses

Survivor to Worker

Five Steps to Follow the Flow

Worker to Player

The DNA of a Great Promotion

Player to Performer

Refining Your Rhythm to Suit Your Genius

Performer to Conductor

Three Questions to Anchor Your Authority

Conductor to Legend

The Eight Questions to Begin Every Day

"WOW it was a blast letting everyone tap into my entrepreneurial endeavors, super fun and engaging, thanks!"

~ Dilyar Askar